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Rome, July 12th 2011

Honourable Mention

D come Design
the hand, the mind, the heart
research, book/catalogue/display/touring exhibition

Anty Pansera with Luisa Bocchietto

UDI Torino-Regione Piemonte, Presidency, Department for Equal Opportunities

Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis - Chairman
Chantal, Clavier Hamaide
Umberto Croppi
Guto Indio Da Costa
Pierre Keller
Cecilie Manz
Clive Roux
Shiling Zheng


> award | Project Summary 2011

The Guido Venosta European Foundation was born in 2000 in order to embrace the moral legacy of Guido Venosta in support of the AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research.

Venosta’s brilliant intuition was that of identifying a link between the world of productivity and profit and the world of solidarity and non-profit: The Guido Venosta European Foundation therefore aims to extend the spirit and culture of such an intuition to the areas of ethical finance and economics, training and research.

In 2004 the foundation introduced an award entitled “Il Ponte” ("The Bridge"), presented each year to personalities or organisations that have achieved a significant transfer of values between the world of enterprise and that of non-profit, encouraging the ideals of more coherent society.

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