The dcomedesign (“D for Design”) Association was founded in May 2010 by Anty Pansera, Luisa Bocchietto, Loredana Sarti e Patrizia Scarzella.

Its main objective is to promote and raise awareness of female creativity in design.

Through the conception of exhibitions, events and research, then put into practise, women in the international design field will participate in projects addressed in particular to emerging countries.

The concept of the Association emerged from the D-Come Design exhibition, conceived by Anty Pansera and Luisa Bocchietto in 2008 as one of the events for Torino World Design Capital.
The exhibition illustrated the contribution of women designers from the beginning of the 18th-century to the present day, with a journey through history and the participation of more than 100 contemporary Italian designers.
The travelling exhibition, after the Turin Edition, was presented at the Omegna Forum and in Alexandria in 2009. 

Anty Pansera, Patrizia Scarzella, Mariateresa Chirico, Valentina Downey 


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