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International non-profit organization manages the Node Cooperation in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, a project of Social Design, a school - called the Art Workshop on Design-pointing to qualify the production of young Khmer and enable them to manufacture products competitive in the global market.

three years from the laboratory, dedicated to the manufacture of silver, accommodates 25 students, including many girls, the group most at risk in Cambodia today.

students received a diploma at the end of this year in two-year course where they learned from two local master silversmiths working the metal, and their creativity has been stimulated by two Italian designer: Renzo Bighetti last year and this year Rossella Tornquist in a workshop than a month just ended.

The students
- all from situations of extreme deprivation and poverty - have worked with Scarlett demonstrating an extraordinary dexterity and craftsmanship throughout the experience, but above all with her enthusiasm for sharing experience who could offer them a unique opportunity.

Edited by Luciana Damiani Cannetta and Alberto Cannetta

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