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Social Design for Handicrafts” has as its primary goal: encouraging collaboration between design professionals and craftswomen that work in disadvantaged production contexts, putting into effect different experiences and skills to foster women's economic, professional and cultural growth, contributing to the creation of suitable conditions for sustainable economic development through the promotion of training and design.
The project embraces the philosophy of Expo 2015 that connects Milan with the rest of the world, in particular with the poorer areas of the world, through projects that encourage sustainability of the local economies and a fertile exchange between the various cultures.

/ How?
By creating a direct link between Italian designers and initiatives guided by women in some countries of South East Asia and Africa that produce high quality artefacts but which arrive on the western markets with low value added.  
By planning the strategy design for updating their products, making them better adapted to the western markets, raising their quality of packaging and finishing.
By building structured communication for the positioning of these products in Europe.
By promoting the conditions for repositioning of the products that improves their competitiveness on the local and international markets and increases their profitability, guaranteeing the future sustainability of these local development activities.

/ With whom
February 2011- September 2012: partnership with the Good Shepherd International Foundation (NGO) in order to share a path of renewal in the design and creation of products made in the Good Shepherd missions and in the communication of the ethic values from which they were born.
. www.fondazionebuonpastore.org - www.buonpastoreint.org
The Foundation is non-profit institution created to support the missions of the Good Shepherd Sisters in 73 countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. It works together with hundreds of thousands of women who are victims of violence and exploitation to create a united world by promoting awareness of peace, founded on the rights and on a just economic development respectful of human dignity and the environment.
The missions manage training and development projects for the women who are victims of domestic violence and exploitation, who have escaped trafficking of persons, who live in conditions of extreme poverty in rural areas and isolated villages, and also in the slums of the Asian and African megalopoles. The occasional handicraft product trade activities carried out within the scope of these projects started in the early 90's by the Good Shepherd Sisters; they have grown and have created a network of international solidarity which permits them to continue to guarantee a source of income to thousands of women and their families.  This network is particularly consolidated in the U.S. www.handcraftingjustice.org and in Australia www.thetradingcircle.com.au, where the interest and sensitivity toward Fair Trade are more deep-rooted.
Helping these projects become sustainable through an upgrading of the design and production processes to make them more competitive on the local and international markets means offering a concrete and sustainable contribution for promoting the dignity of hundreds of women.

The partnership has generated a series of initiatives to promote and raise awareness about the project in favour of craftswomen in some of Thailand's poorest areas:
• press coverage of the Dignity Design collection project created by Patrizia Scarzella and Valentina Downey - with the collaboration of designers Luisa Bocchietto, Paola Carallo, Anna Deplano, Julia Dozsa, Mikky Eger, Daniela Maurer and Ines Paolucci – together with the craftswomen at the production centres of Nong Khai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok;
• a competition by invitation only for the creation of the Dignity Design collection logo with the AIAP (Association of Graphic Designers) , reserved for female members under the age of 35;
• presentation of the competition and the awarding of the prize to the winning logo at the Macef trade show at Fiera Milano in September 2011;
• presentation of the results of the logo competition and a preview of the Dignity Design collection at the AIAP headquarters in Milan, January 2012;
• presentation of the Dignity Design collection during the Salone del Mobile 2012 (Furniture Trade Show) at the Library of S.M. Incoronata in Milan;
• presentation of the Dignity Design collection during the Italian Festival in Bangkok, June 2012, together with the Italian Embassy.

From April 2012, partnership for promotion and communication with the International Cooperation NGO "Il Nodo" for the professional training project Bottega d’Arte, a silverware school in Cambodia, founded by Luciana Damiani Cannetta and Alberto Cannetta.
"Il Nodo" manages a school, the "Bottega d'Arte", in Cambodia that exploits design in order to qualify the production of young Khmers and enable them to create objects which will be competitive on a global market.
The workshop, dedicated to the production of silverware, has been open for three years and boasts 25 pupils, many of whom are girls, a particularly high-risk group in modern Cambodia.
In April 2012, "Il Nodo" presented a collection of jewellery produced in a one-month workshop held by Rossella Tornquist with the pupils of the "Bottega d'Arte".

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