> archive | The hand, the mind, the heart

2009 Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt
program "2009 Italy-Egypt year of science and technology"

2008 Regional Museum of Natural Sciences in Turin
Conceived by Anty Pansera and Luisa Bocchietto

Curated by Anty Pansera
Art Director: Luisa Bocchietto
Under the aegis of the President of the Republic
Promoted by: Region of Piedmont
Organiser: Uditorio
Organising Committee: Antonella Andriani, Marilla Baccassino, Margherita Cattera, Mariateresa Chirico, Celine Micheletti, Tiziana Occleppo, Alessandra Quattordio,Norma Rigano, Loredana Sarti, Patrizia Scarzella


> archive | Acrobatic furniture

Equilibrists, women sawn in half, tightrope walkers and more
Curated by Camilla Bertolino

In collaboration with Studio Carpani Masoni Tasso Architetti.
Promoted by Province of Alessandria and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio and sponsor by ADI Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta and certified Architects of Alessandria.
Installation by Studio Carpani, Masoni,Tasso Architetti

The solo exhibition dedicated to Maddalena Sisto (Mad), which takes its title from one of her works, provides an overview of the works created by the artist/designer who died prematurely in 2000.


> archive | Communicating design

Identity card Patrizia Scarzella
Curated by Anty Pansera with Mariateresa Chirico

Promoted by Province of Alessandria and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio and sponsored by ADI Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta and Certified Architects of Alessandria.
Curated by Anty Pansera with Mariateresa Chirico
installazion and graphic design Patrizia Scarzella

“Identity card” by Patrizia Scarzella, Alessandria born designer settled in Milan, trained architect and journalist, subtitled “communicating design”.


> archive | A community in front of the camera

photographs by Clementina Corte
Coordinated byAndra Trivero

Sponsored by ADI Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta

Clementina Corte (1850-1935), photographer and director, interpreted and presented, ahead of her time, the role of the female in a small community, that of Pettinengo near Biella, far from the noise and transformation of large cities. The exhibition documents her ability to photographically represent a cross section of society during the period, describing the changes induced by the industrial revolution.


> archive | Design project

Identity card Luisa Bocchietto
Curated by Anty Pansera with Mariateresa Chirico

Installation and graphic design by Patrizia Scarzella with Valentina Downey

The “Identity card” of Luisa Bocchietto has been subtitled with the head line “design project”: to summarise the experiences that have led the architect/designer from Biella to address not only different typologies within the vast area of industrial design (from products to food), but also opportunities in the sector as an art director of companies engaged in furniture manufacture and other activities.


> archive | Artistic craftsmanship

Jolanda Avalle Lorenzon
Curated by Anty Pansera, Silvana Peira with Erica Cerri

Curated by Anty Pansera, Silvana Peira, in collaboration with Erika Cerri. Installation by Luisa Bocchietto.
Sponsored by: The Fondaco Association, Municipality of Bra, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bra, Fondazione Teatro Politeama Dedalus, ADI Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta and Certified Architects of Cuneo.

The display dedicated to Jolanda Lorenzon Avalle traces her history, both creative and entrepreneurial: from Udine, where she was born (1903) to Bra, through Venice and Sestri Levante: costumes for carnivals and cotillons, costumes for silent films and the film studios of Turin (until the advent of sound).


> archive | Bed and reflection

Curated by Silvana Peira, Anty Pansera and Patrizia Scarzella

Installation by Patrizia Scarzella
The Fondaco association, under the aegis of the Municipility of Bra, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Bra, ADI Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta and the Registry of Certified Architects of Cuneo

Gabriella Benedini, Graziosa Bertagnin, Orietta Brombin, Liliana Lanzardo, Stefania Ranghieri and Gabriella Stralla try out new forms for two types of “everyday object” that are found in every household, using their design creativity to distinguish them: making unique headrests for beds, which are up-to-date and more than just practical.


> archive | Designing for the table

Identity card Antonia Campi
Curated by Anty Pansera and Luisa Bocchietto

Coordinated by Barbara Franco
Organisation: Municipality of Mondovì

Antonia Campi, artist and designer, whose works feature artistic and industrial ceramics from the early 1950s. Employed by the artistic department of the Società Ceramica di Laveno, then by Richard Ginori and finally by Pozzi Ginori, where she was assigned managerial responsibilities, she was able to concentrate her efforts on independent research in the 1980s.


> archive | The designers

Laura Curino, the designers
Project by Laura Curino in collaboration with Roberto Tarasco

Dramaturgical coordination: Michela Marelli, Luca Scarlini. In collaboration with Anty Pansera and Luisa Bocchietto.
Fondazione del Teatro Stabile of Turin in collaboration with the Turin Reading Circle.


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